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Ballet & Dancing Theme Room Ideas

Dancing is one of the most popular first activities that little girls take up. Some continue on to make dance or ballet a part of their lives, while others just love the idea of being an elegant ballerina - even just for a little while.

Dance Ballet Room
Sudden Shadows Ballerina Wall Decal

Dancer or ballerina themed girls rooms are a common decorating choice, and there are some really great ideas when it comes to creating such a design. Focusing on the bedspreads, theme rugs, and different accessories can only get you so far... in the end, it's the wall decor that can bring out the 'feel' and impact of the dance theme.

To start off, the easiest colors to work with are pink and white. Ballerinas tend to wear soft colors and pastel hues, and these should be reflected in the room decor. Choose bedding and curtains that are easy to match, and if your little girl takes ballet classes, you'll need to incorportate a pair of ballet slippers or dance shoes into the overall decorating process.

The walls of any dancing themed bedroom should be subdued and easy to work with. Pinks, whites, lavenders, and even yellows are all good choices. This makes decorating simple, especially when you're adding wall paper, borders, or even full-length wall decals to your daughter's bedroom in dancing and ballerina-type designs.

The Sudden Shadows Ballerina shown above is a perfect example. This easy-to-use peel and stick decal smooths right onto any painted wall, while letting the original color of the wall shine through. It creates a delicate "shadow" of a dancer, keeping in line with the soft elegance and grace associated with ballerinas and dancing. It can also be repositioned and re-used, and is easily removed as well.

Implementing a Traceable Ballet Wall Mural

Want the work of a professional muralist, but for less than the hundreds of dollars you'd normally spend? Check out this Ballet Dancer Traceable Mural.

Traceable Ballerina Wall Mural
Ballet Dancer Trace and Paint Wall Mural

With this design, you apply a template to your wall. Then you simply trace it, and paint it any color you wish!

Once again, this enables you to decorate your walls with colors that match your existing room decor; you can even bring a swatch to your local paint store and have them match the color perfectly before painting the mural.

On darker walls, the mural can be painted white - or a light color. On lighter walls, a darker color works better for contrast. The beauty here is that you're free to do whatever you like, colorwise. Just tape, trace, and start painting.

Simple instructions are included with this mural. They even give you a practice copy, ensuring you do a great job.

Kids Canvas Wall Art in Ballerina & Dancing Themes

Nothing's cuter than finding the perfect painting to go with your child's room decor. And when decorating a dance or ballerina-inspired bedroom? This is especially important.

Depending upon the age of your little one, you'll need to choose exactly the kind of art you're looking for. Younger girls can go with more colorful and playful pieces of artwork that depict an almost cartoonish sense in their approach. Older girls wanting to decorate their bedroom in a dance theme will be looking for more modern and sophisticated pieces of ballerina or dancer wall art.

Canvas Blonde Ballerina
Dancing With Umbrella Wall Art
The Ballerina Canvas Wall Art
Canvas Belle of the Ballet Wall Art

Always choose wall art that coordinates with the rest of your room decor. In a dancer's room, you want nothing too big - nothing too fancy or distracting from the overall theme. The paintings, like the dancers themselves, should be light, beautiful, and graceful.

Dancing & Ballerina Wall Words and Sayings

With the increased popularity of peel-and-stick wall decals, you can now decorate with some really cool words and sayings. Here at the Wall Sticker Outlet we carry a full line of Home Decor Wall Words, and many are perfect for a dance/ballet themed room.

Dancing is Dreaming Decal
Dancing is Dreaming Wall Decal
Dance Laugh Sing Wall Sticker
Dance Laugh Sing Wall Sticker

The Dancing is Dreaming shown above comes in over 40 colors, and is absolutely perfect for any ballerina bedroom! Dance Laugh Sing is also a cute choice, and makes a great addition to living room, dining room, and even kitchen.

Keeping in line with the theme, check out Sing, Dance, Love, another popular favorite wall word decal made in beautiful flowing script. And for more ballet-specific decor? See the Ballerina Definition Wall Words Decal.

Dance-Themed Peel and Stick Decals & Appliques

While decorating your daughter's room, chances are good she'll want to get in on the action. The best way to let her? With removable, repositionable sticker packs consisting of everything from ballerinas to butterflies.

Ballet Glitter Wall Decals
Ballet Glitter Wall Decals
Fairy Dance Wall Sticker Kit
Fairy Dance Wall Sticker Kit

The two sets of wall decals shown above make it easy to decorate in seconds. Just peel the stickers from their backing and apply them onto any smooth surface. Walls are great, but furniture is great too! Let your little one put these appliques safely on books, headboards, or anywhere her little heart desires.

For more of these adorable decal sheets in this same theme, check out the Olee Kids Dance Sports Pack, as well as the Funny Bunny Appliques. Both contain dancers in tutus, hearts, bows, and girly phrases too.

Disney Princess, Barbie, and Hello Kitty Ballerina Stickers

Finally, you can add some more flair to your daughter's dance-themed room by adding decals of her favorite TV and movie icons. The Barbie Dancing Princess decal set features Barbie as a ballerina, as does the Hello Kitty Ballet peel-and-stick appliques. Add one or both to the room if your child is a fan of these timeless cultural symbols.

Dancing Princess Mural
Disney Dancing Princess XL Giant Wall Mural

And if your daughter happens to be a fan of Snow White, Belle, Ariel or Cinderella? Disney also makes a line of princess stickers in the dancer or ballerina theme.

Don't miss the Dancing Princess XL Wall Mural. While not exactly peel-and-stick, it's still an amazing piece of self-stick wall art that also coordinates with matching wall borders in both purple and white.

Ultimately, you should take your dancing or ballet room theme to whatever level you feel necessary. Go with a little or a lot; hang delicate things from the ceiling, like ribbon or lace. And be sure to build a trophy shelf to hold all the wonderful things you child will win at her next dance recital.

Be sure to visit our Dance, Ballet, & Ballerina page for other ballerina-themed wall art, hangings, borders, and peel and stick dancing-themed wall decals.

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