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Dinosaur Theme Boys Bedroom Ideas

Regardless of age or gender, you would be hard pressed to find many people who would disagree with the following statement: dinosaurs are awesome!

Dinosaur Theme Room
T-Rex Through-The-Wall Mural

Dinosaurs capture the imagination of children because they're like dragons that were real; something exciting and dangerous and wild about their world that still has an element of fantasy and wonder.

Boys are especially drawn to these extinct reptiles; they embody all the fun of watching a lizard or a frog in the wild blown up to gargantuan sizes. You can give your child the thrill of their young lives by helping transform the place they sleep into a dinosaur-themed bedroom.

And the good news? Dinosaur decor is everywhere. Always a popular room theme, you can find dinosaur sheet and bed spreads, dino-quilts, dinosaur curtains and room accents... all the way down to dinosaur underroos and pajamas for your little boy to romp around in before finally hitting his dinosaur-themed bed.

Dinosaur Room Decor - Start With The Walls

Even if you can't afford to hire an artist to paint custom dinosaur wall murals, you can still have amazing dinosaur wall art any kid would be thrilled and excited to have. There are fantastic canvas artwork choices out there in everything from cute and cuddle mini-dinosaurs to full-fledged and ferocious versions of these amazing beasts.

Dinosaur Stickers
Dinosaurs Peel and Stick Appliques

And when it comes to dino wall decor, your best bet may be to choose from the many different dinosaur wall decals and murals out there today.

Modern kids wall stickers are incredibly easy to use; most use peel-and-stick technology, meaning they can be peeled right off their backing and smoothed straight onto the walls of your little boy's room.

Don't like where they are? Remove them. Reposition them. It's as easy as peeling them off and sticking them right back onto any smooth surface.

T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl, even the fiercesome Velociraptor... your little one will find his favorites in and among the many wall decal and sticker choices.

Kids dino-stickers come in all shapes and sizes, from small applique packages to larger, full-scale murals depicting Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of all dinosaurs, breaking through your child's bedroom wall! Nothing's quite as dramatic or creates such an impact as a 3-D rendering of the most infamous of all dinosaurs.

Dino wall borders and some murals are even prepasted; with only a small amount of water, these kids dinosaur stickers slip onto your walls, and with a bit of smoothing look just as lush and polished as if you had painted the wall yourself.

Get Your Dinosaur-Lover Involved!

Unlike with the messy concerns of painting a dinosaur wall mural, using most dinosaur wall decals couldn't be more kid-friendly. Many of the more popular wall decals come with multiple components, allowing you and your child to choose the precise placement of a great deal of the details in the dinosaur scene that will play out on his or her wall.

Dinosaur Kids Room
Art Applique Dinosaur Wall Sticker Mural

By giving your child a chance to help make his or her wall mural, they'll love the finished result even more, and have more of a feeling of pride and ownership in their finished dinosaur theme room. There are dino wall-kits you can use to create entire scenes, backed with cool blue water, lush vegetation, and erupting volcanoes!

Don't Forget To Accessorize Your Dinosaur Theme Room

Once you've got your kid's dinosaur wall decals in place, the only thing left is to accessorize your child's new dino-themed room. If your child loves the idea of being a paleontologist and actually digging dinosaurs up, you could make a wall display with a pick, shovel, and helmet.

Personalized Dinosaur Decal
Personalized Dino Wall Decals

If your child is just into dinosaurs, add a great pterodactyl mobile and some artificial plants with a prehistoric look: ferns, palms, and succulents.

For older kids who are ready for a little responsibility, use real plants! Kids love to watch things grow and change over the seasons, so pick potted plants that bloom often or go through seasonal changes to make it as interesting as possible for them.

Put up a shadow box-style open shelf or a display case for favorite dinosaur models, so your child can access them easily and proudly display them when not in use. Keep them at kid height for ease of use.

These are just a few ways you can use dinosaur wall decor and decals as a starting point for a dinosaur theme room! All it takes are a few simple steps to transform your child's room into a prehistoric paradise.

Be sure to visit our Dinosaur Wall Decals page for hundreds of great dino wall stickers, borders, and full-length wall murals in all different prehistoric themes!

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