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Jungle & Safari Animal Theme Decorating

When decorating your son or daughter's room, you want them to feel comfortable. The more they're surrounded by the thing they love, the more time they'll spend playing and having fun in the room you set aside for them.

Jungle Bedroom
Jungle One Wall Minute Mural, Giraffe Peel & Stick Decal

Perhaps this is why the animal or jungle theme is one of the more popular choices when it comes to kids bedroom decor. No matter where you are in the world, you child will be captivated by the colorful beauty associated with the many creatures of the planet Earth.

From zoo animals to jungle safari themes, these animals come in many shapes and sizes. There are lions and tigers... tall giraffes and playful monkeys. There are zebras and elephants, turtles and snakes, and all variety of beautiful birds that can make your child's animal theme room a dazzling display of both color and life.

The jungle is a green, lush place full of trees, vines, and canopies of vegetation that hold the most wonderous creatures imaginable. In decorating with a jungle theme you'll want to include all of these things to get the most dramatic a transformation as possible.

Jungle / Safari Bedrooms for Children Young and Old

Your basic animal-themed bedroom comes in two choices: one for older children, and one for a younger crowd. Depending upon your child's age the room decor can have a toddler-like and cartoonish look to it, or one that's a little more accurate in terms of the animals involved.

Jungle Animal Decals
Fun To See Jungle Complete Room Kit

One of the cooler aspects of a jungle or animal room theme is that there's virtually no restrictions on how to set up your wall space. Entire jungle wall sticker kits are sold that you can use to decorate any way you want; letting your child in on the fun is one great way to make sure everything is exactly where he or she wants it.

Most of these wall decal packages are 'peel-and-stick', meaning you can apply them directly to your walls without glue, water, or mess. Even better, they can be removed and repositioned as many times as you like, making them safe for apartments and even furniture or headboards too!

Jungle Baby Nursery Theme Rooms

A very popular nursery theme these days? Jungle or zoo animals. And what better way to welcome your baby into the world than to surround your son or daughter with playful, colorful animals.

Jungle Nursery Theme
Jungle Animals Canopy Peel and Stick Wall Mural

You can find matching crib sets, baby bedding, mobiles and more - all in jungle and safari themes. These can help you decide where you want your wall decor, and whether or not you'd like to dedicate an entire wall of your nursery to an animal or jungle wall mural.

Make Your Own Safari Kids Room

One way to ensure your little one gets involved is to buy individual jungle animals, birds, and other types of wall decals to create your very own custom wall mural.

Zoo Wallogy Stickers
Wall Pops Zoo Wallogy Monkey Wall Stickers

You can use jungle wall borders that look like treetop to line the upper walls of the room and hang vines downward for effect. You can even paint vines, or entire trees, to create that jungle look.

Decorate with monkeys, parrots, tucans, and other jungle personalities. Add in some of the larger animals; elephants, lions, giraffes and choose whether to go with a more traditional look or a child-friendly design like the Zoo Wallogy decals seen here.

There are even a few personalized wall stickers that come in animal and jungle themes. Check out the Safari Wagon Peel and Stick Wall Mural that can be customized with your child's own name.

The same goes for the Jungle Room Sign wall mural, fully personalizable with any name or phrase, to lend a satisfied identity to your child's room.

Be sure to visit our Animal Wall Decals page for hundreds of great wall stickers, borders, and full-sized jungle wall murals for your child's bedroom, playroom, or baby nursery!

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