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Superheroes Wall Murals & Hero Theme Room Ideas

Got a little one who flies around the house all day, pretending to be a superhero? Why not make his dream come true, but turning his bedroom into his very own Batcave or Hall of Justice?

Iron Man Wall Decal
Iron Man Giant Wall Decal

For kids that love the comic greats, we have a great selection of wall murals featuring heroes such as Superman, Spiderman, and the X-Men, as well as Iron Man, Batman and others! Use just one, or make your kid's room into a regular Justice League with a whole group of different wall sticker options.

And if your child changes his mind about which superheroes are his favorites and which ones aren't as cool, don't worry! Our superhero wall decals are easy to remove, move, reposition and store, not to mention surprisingly affordable. So when the superhero phase is over? Just peel and go onto the next one!

Because of this, you can change your child's superhero decals as often as your child changes his or her mind, without worrying about damaging or having to repaint your walls. This makes them safe for apartments, too.

Have Fun Creating A Superhero Theme Room

Whether your little Superman wants his own Fortress of Solitude, or your Batgirl wants her own Batcave, the best place to start is with the walls. When you choose the appropriate superhero stickers for the walls, the decisions on what else to decorate the room with should fall into place.

Marvel Heroes Decals
Marvel Heroes Peel-and-Stick Decals

Most superheroes have a very distinctive color scheme that's easy to follow, and many superheroes have a logo or emblem that is also a recognizable shape. For example, you can fill your child's wall with Iron Man wall decals, and accent them with red and gold sheets, blankets, and pillows for his bed, perhaps with a circular red throw rug.

Instead of having to fill your child's room with expensive licensed merchandise, you can let our superhero wall stickers show off your child's favorite superheroes and just decorate his room with non licensed materials that coordinate. This saves time, saves money, and gives the hero-themed bedroom a personalized element of having done something simultaneously unique and cool.

Why Do Children Love Superheroes?   They're Important!

There is a reason that children are drawn to superheroes, beyond the bright colors and the cool super powers. Superheroes represent the difference between right and wrong, standing up for what you believe in, and doing whatever you can in order to make the world a better place.

Superhero Wall Mural
Batman Giant-Sized XL Wall Mural

When you use these superhero wall decals to help your child make the superhero theme room of his or her dreams, you're creating a fun and thought-provoking environment that reminds your child to be their best every day, and to stand up for the good guys whenever possible.

Honestly, one of the best thing about superheroes is that they aren't real; unlike sports stars with scandals or other fallible role models, superheroes always do the right thing; so you don't have to worry about some unsavory news story or tabloid scandal making your child's wall art inappropriate.

Super Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Remember... super heroes aren't just limited to the Marvel Comics and DC Universe. Today's movies and television shows are full of a whole generation of new heroes, from Ben 10 to Transformers.

Transformers Wall Decal
Transfomers Giant XL Wall Mural

For example: Transformers Wall Decals.

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Star Scream... these are heroes (and villans!) in their own right, and the stars of today's latest Transformers, Transformers 2, and soon to be Transformers 3 movies.

These stickers and wall murals come in giant, life-like sizes to leap off your little boy's wall as well as in smaller decal packs your child can apply himself to any smooth surface of his hero-themed room. Use them in conjunction with toys from the Transformers movies and you've got an instant bedroom theme going with very little time or effort, and one that your little boy will love you for. And he'll especially treasure the room because he helped create it!

Decorating a Superhero Theme Room With Your Child

The ease and simplicity of adhering our superhero wall stickers to your child's walls makes it an ideal, fun activity for you and your child to do together; or you can spend ten minutes doing it yourself to surprise your child and see the look on his or her face!

Spider Man & Friends Wall Border
Spider Man & Friends Wall Border

If you do choose to decorate with your child, make sure you get his or her input on what types of superhero decorating they're looking for. Some children are very specific in that they only like Marvel, only like DC, or like one particular line of super heroes over the other.

For example, you've got Spider Man and Batman the Brave and the Bold - both animated series for a slightly older demographic. Then you've also got superheroes for a younger crowd, like the Super Hero Squad and Spider Man and Friends. Make sure you know which one your son or daughter is interested in before going with a super hero theme.

Be sure to visit our Superhero Wall Decals page for all kinds of great wall stickers, wall borders, and full-length superhero wall murals in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

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