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Disney New Frozen Room Package

Disney New Frozen Room Package  - Wall Sticker Outlet


Ready to decorate your space with Frozen? We have made it easier (and a little less expensive) to get everything you need all in one easy package. Great for bedrooms, playrooms, child care facilities and hospitals!

They are perfect for bedrooms or nurseries because they can be removed as children grow and tastes change. The stickers can even be reused in a new location! How's that for versatility?

This package contains:

(1)Disney Frozen Olaf the Snow Man Giant Wall Decal 9.5" wide by 22"

(1)Disney Frozen Elsa Giant Wall Decal 48.75" wide x 41.50" high

(1) Disney Frozen Anna with Cape Giant Wall Decal 16" wide x 39.75" high.

(1)Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals 1.3" x 1.2" to 12.34" x 13.9"

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